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Wed, 28/08/2013 - 11:48
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Numerous articles, videos and books have been published the last decade purporting to hold the answer to what happened in New York on that disastrous day in September 2001, and how it happened.

Many of these authors must have found it hard to accept the official version – that is; the self-contradictory governified™ truth – and felt thus (I believe) compelled to seek a second opinion to this horrible conspiracy. People practicing truth-activities are – as usual – unfairly and mistakenly dubbed conspiracy theorists by the uninformed, incompetent, and indifferent part of the masses who believe that no one but the government speaks the truth, while the actual theorists behind the attack, the true conspirators who prepare their evil theory for the practician, live their anonymous lives, smiling and thinking how easy it turned out to be.

Anyway, Mr. Dimitri A. Khalzov – a former officer in the Soviet Military unit; Special Control Service, later accused of being involved in Al-Qaeda terrorist activities – has spent years on this issue, researching facts and comparing his findings with his experience and knowledge, ending up with some groundbreaking conclusions. You might have heard of some of these conclusions, from elsewhere. Reading this book you will understand where they stem from. This work has now been wrapped up in the + 1.000 page 911/theology – the Third Truth about 9-11.

The author reveals that “this book might appear “anti-Semitic” to many people who have gotten used to routine «political correctness»”, but he insists though that this is not the case, and that he never intended to make it anti-Semitic. So, Mr. Khalzov does not blame 9/11 on the Jews. It is the Freemasons who control the world, he argues, and due to ignorance, he continues, people have problem realizing what he finds obvious:

“The Jews and the Freemasons have diametrically opposite ideologies. While the Jews are craving for Freedom as accorded by the Tora, the Freemasons are craving for the establishment of the slave-owning society where the Tora will be prohibited as the most dangerous extremist book. “

I have watched Mr. Khalzov’s previous production regarding this horrible matter, and found it very interesting. The author appears very fact-driven and diligent and many of his conclusions emerge from simple understandable logic. An example: A turbofan aircraft will always leave a trail, a vortex, which will be visible if such an aircraft passes through fog or smoke, or if smoke passes through (or interfere with) the trail of the aircraft, which was the case in New York. No vortices, though, turned up/was visible in either of the explosions which eliminate the allegations that it was two turbofan aircrafts travelling towards the towers.

Although I haven’t read Mr. Khalzov’s new book, I have – as indicated – watched the 26-part video he a few years ago published about the “attack” in New York, and based upon this I urge you all to find time to read this piece which, according to its index, deals with highly interesting and controversial topics.

So, who should read this book? I let the author indicate the answer:

“It is also possible, of course, that the official explanations sound more believable to you. But do not forget then that the “official explanations” in regard to the Twin Towers’ collapse from Kerosene and those in regard to the WTC-7 collapse from diesel fuel also sound believable to many simpletons. However, this book is not intended for them. It is intended for those people who prefer to use their own brain.”

Should your days already be fully booked, then at least download this book before it disappears from the net, and pick it up and read it as soon as you can.

This is a summary of what a few reviewers have said about the book:

A monumental eye-opening book. It is indeed an unabridged book that exposes the reader to complete analysis of the events prior to 9/11, what happened during 9/11, and much of the aftermath, including how, who and why. The book answers just about every question that so many people have had for the last 12 years (and never received satisfactory answers to) – in great detail. To not read from the first page to the end would be a mistake.

Those of you who dear seeking the untainted truth, not the governified “truth”, should start reading Mr. Khalzov’s 911thology, I certainly will.

You will find the book by clicking on one of these download links: (linken er brutt)


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Herman J Berge

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