Juleuka i Luxembourg

Da vi fikk drapstrusselen fra den Luxembourgske regjering og det Danske diplomati i vår (les om dette i denne artikkelen), overlevert av en advokat, og følgelig bare måtte pakke det mest nødvendig og la resten stå, sørget vi for i all hast å pakke alt vi hadde i huset, i flytteesker som ble lagret i første etasje. Følgelig sto 150 store flytteesker, deriblant 2.5 tonn med bøker, og nærmere ett tonn med sakspapirer i stuen og spisestuen.

Funding wars – crowned with a seat in the UN Security Council

It is a sad day for the people of the world, for their right to peace, to be free and to prosper, and you should all sit down and think a little bit on how this actually could happen, and the consequences of having such a corrupt nation deliberating over international peace and security. As you will understand from reading this article including all links, Luxembourg’s membership in the Security Council is nothing but a contradiction.


Crimes – where to go with your complaints
When your life and property is at stake due to a crime, what do you do? You normally contact the police. So, what do you expect from the police, then? Instead of answering this for you, I refer you to the London police’[1] definition of its role and responsibilities:

Corruption in Luxembourg - Part II

One of the main reasons for our “problems” in Luxembourg, is that we can prove that Danske Bank International has carried out unauthorized and thus illegal financial service in Norway (e.g. encouraging and assisting Norwegian consumers to commit tax fraud, hence the bank has conspired to commit tax fraud), a service the bank has prospered from, while the consumers have lost all their savings.

Luxembourg – a wormhole to fraud

By the way: Do you believe that your savings/investments/deposits in Luxembourg, white grey or black, are unknown of within your own home country’s administration? We have documents confirming that the relevant state administration in your country have access to all necessary information about your whereabouts in Luxembourg, whenever needed. Actually there is no and has never been a true bank secrecy in Luxembourg.