Bank fraud

The editor of RettsNorge sentenced in absentia in Luxembourg whistleblower case

A court in Luxembourg, presided by Judge Frederic Mersch, sentenced the couple to remove the article; Corruption in Luxembourg - Part I and to pay € 25.000,- (U.S. $ 32.700,- or approximately NOK 200.000,-) in fines for each day this article remains on the site RettsNorge. The verdict fell sometime in May 2012, which means that the article has been online (continuously published) for 400 days since Mersch handed down his judgement.

Tax Justice Network Report 2012 Highlights

“This pirate banking system now launders, shelters, manages and if necessary re-domiciles the riches of many of the worlds worst villains, as well as the tangible and intangible assets and liabilities of many of our wealthiest individuals, alongside our most successful mainstream banks, corporations, shipping companies, insurance companies, accounting firms and law firms.”

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Crimes – where to go with your complaints
When your life and property is at stake due to a crime, what do you do? You normally contact the police. So, what do you expect from the police, then? Instead of answering this for you, I refer you to the London police’[1] definition of its role and responsibilities:

Luxembourg – a wormhole to fraud

By the way: Do you believe that your savings/investments/deposits in Luxembourg, white grey or black, are unknown of within your own home country’s administration? We have documents confirming that the relevant state administration in your country have access to all necessary information about your whereabouts in Luxembourg, whenever needed. Actually there is no and has never been a true bank secrecy in Luxembourg.