Herman J Berge

665, rue de Neudorf




Notary                                                                     Luxembourg May 22, 2007

Me Henry Rey
2, Rue Colonel Bellando de Castro





Att                         : Me. Henry Rey

Re                          : The estate of the late Mr. Einar Riis, 44 blvd d’Italie, 98000 Monaco

Case #                   :

Your reference         :

Our reference                    :

Posting by               : Fax and mail

Your fax #               : 00377 93 300522

Numbers of pages   : 1

Attachment             :

Copy                      : Mr Varlet, BNP Paribas, Monaco


Dear Sir.


Referring to my letter to you of May 14 2007.


Today I have been informed that Mrs. Amelia Riis and her children has filed another case against me in Norway, claiming some NOK 10-15 million.


I was under duress when I wrote and signed my letter to you of May 14. 2007.


By my letter of today I withdraw the letter of May 14 2007 and its contents. Due to this I will keep on claiming my rights in the estate after the late Mr. Riis as stated to you in my earlier letters.


On top of this I have been defamed in the worst thinkable way by this family and their numerous lies about me broadcasted through TV2 in three different news articles. Claims for damages regarding this matter will also be filed.


I herby urge you to stop any dividing of the estate after the late Mr. Einar Riis.


There will be a court hearing in Monaco tomorrow, and I have informed my lawyer about my decision, by this letter.



Best regards



Herman J Berge